About Safar


The Safar Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to be the leading provider of primary telehealth-care service for UK residents and those on short stays* anywhere in Europe**. Our mission is to enable easy access to qualified, trusted and experienced UK GPs.


The Safar value proposition

Safar is a new health advice website and app that connects you with experienced GPs, wherever you are in the UK or in Europe**.

Safar offers members online medical consultations and secure, cloud-storage of and access to their medical history.

The service can be used at home or overseas**, providing healthcare, reassurance and comfort when you are travelling and may need it most. Safar offers a passport to private healthcare that regular travel insurers cannot; Safar membership is the perfect partner to travel insurance for your next trip, but is not a substitute for it.

With rapid developments offering a new ease of access to technology, Safar believes that everyone travelling from the UK should receive the familiar, high quality medical practice that they experience at home. Key to the delivery of Safar’s service is our bespoke, secure communications platform. Your smartphone, tablet or computer, can link you directly to a GP consultation, anytime and anywhere – no lengthy waits, no unnecessary travel.

Whether travelling for work or leisure, any concerns about health (including pre-existing conditions) can spoil things for you and those around you. That’s why Safar is essential – our caring and helpful staff will help allay those concerns, so that you can get back to work or relaxation, secure and happy in the knowledge that we are there to listen. If needed Safar will diagnose, refer or issue a follow up appointment, providing you with total peace of mind. There are no third parties to go through, no call centres to navigate, no language barriers and no insurance company ‘jargon’ or exclusions. Just you, a Safar GP and our unique travel telehealth service.

As a Safar member you’ll receive:

  • A private account log-in through our secure portal
  • Secure access to your medical records
  • Secure encrypted payment facilities
  • The unique Safar app (for both Android & IOS)
  • Access to consultations with a UK-based, qualified GP, using audio or video (as you choose)
  • The freedom to take multiple trips in a single year of membership
  • Secure and confidential recordings of any consultation undertaken


 Safar offers:  


Peace of mind

A two-week, no fuss, money-back guarantee.



Pre-paid subscription that lasts for a year, regardless of how many journeys you make.


Value for money

One GP consultation included within an individual membership and the option to purchase additional consultations at the price of £25. Up to four consultations included in the price of a family membership and the option to purchase additional consultations at £25 per consultation.



Obtain a summary of your medical history from your GP (including information on vaccinations, medication and allergies) and upload it to your own confidential account. A Safar GP will only access or discuss any of the information with your express, subsequent agreement.

*A trip abroad must not exceed the maximum time of 6 months outside of the UK.

**European countries only apply, prescriptions can only be given within countries of the European Union


Security, for peace of mind

As medical professionals we understand the importance of patient confidentiality. We know how critical it is for you to trust that your private medical information will not be accessed by anyone, without your permission.  We appreciate that you need to be certain you can trust us with your personal and financial details. That is why our bespoke platform is protected by the latest encryption technologies and your account is secured by a unique access password. Our staff are qualified and vetted, and access to files is restricted, we always double check with you before allowing a GP access to your medical history. Our key technology suppliers and providers are also committed to security and secure practices. Our policies, procedures and protocols (including our handling of your data) have been modelled on best practice and approved by the CQC within their accreditation of Safar.


Where the idea came from

Safar’s founders have international backgrounds and travel extensively. When venturing overseas they recognised that travel insurance and medical assistance could be confusing, prohibitively expensive for travellers with pre-existing conditions and provided neither comfort nor support for concerned travellers away from home. 

They began looking for a way to make it easier for people to access medical advice and a fresh new approach to travel health care; instead of looking to insurance they focused on reassurance. They discovered that more and more UK residents were travelling abroad for work and leisure (UK residents made 65.7 million visits abroad in 2015, and visits to Europe grew by 10.0% in that year, according to the ONS). Believing that there was a better way to support travellers and harness telehealth technology, they began to develop Safar, making it the product it is today.


Where The name Came From

The Safar name brings together the first names of our two founders: Saima and Farrukh.

Additionally the initials represent the qualities and service we always intend to provide for our members: Safe, Affordable, Flexible, Accessible and Reliable. Finally, Safar translates to journey in many languages, with Safar offering a helping hand so that members can journey across Europe with the comfort of high quality healthcare.


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