Corporate customers

Safar is committed to working with corporations and businesses that want to offer additional value to staff undertaking work-based travel in the UK and the rest of Europe.

We can offer bespoke corporate packages and volume-related rates, as well as our membership package.


A work or personal benefit

Whether members of your team travel regularly or occasionally, they will appreciate the comfort of knowing that, if they have any medical concerns whilst travelling, they can take up a GP consultation wherever and whenever they choose. They will have the use of effective telehealth communications for privacy and convenience at their fingertips.


Mutual benefits in one package

Whilst employees will appreciate that their employer has given them the benefit of genuine GP reassurance wherever they are in the UK or Europe*, you can feel at ease in the knowledge that your staff will be in good hands if they have any medical concerns whilst travelling on your behalf. We know you will appreciate how comprehensive our services are, and what excellent financial value we offer.

Safar’s services are very different to travel insurance services, therefore your staff should have both for a worry-free trip or short stay.


*Prescriptions can only be given within countries of the European Union.