What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of technology such as telephones, laptops and tablets to help people discuss healthcare matters effectively, anywhere and anytime. Telehealth presents exciting and efficient ways for you to access caring, professional and prompt help. This technology allows Safar to be a ‘virtual’ helping hand! Our telehealth systems are bespoke, safe and secure.


If I have Safar membership do I still need travel insurance?

Yes. Safar is not a travel insurance provider. Safar exists solely to provide you with the reassurance of travel health guidance and support, on-demand telehealth consultations with a GP and information concerning your medical history. Safar offers direct access to its own, English-speaking UK-based clinicians. So, to protect yourself against any consequences of ill health, injury or other difficulties or disruption whilst travelling, we advise all travellers to become a Safar member in addition to purchasing quality travel insurance.


What should I do if I have a medical concern?

Safar does not offer emergency care services. If you are (or believe you may be) in an emergency situation, you must call 999 immediately (or 112 outside the UK.) If you have a non-emergency (only), you can call Safar on 0330 581 00.


How is Safar different to the Emergency Medical line available with my travel insurance?

Safar is very different to an emergency medical line. We provide assistance for non-emergency situations only. When you contact Safar, your phone call will not be directed to a call centre – you can be confident that you will be greeted by one of our own staff, who will be ready to provide assistance. Should you need it, Safar will provide a health consultation – we do not refer you onto another healthcare provider. Your Safar appointment is prepaid (or payment can be made simply and directly) to help you get the guidance you need to go on and enjoy your travels with confidence.


How do I get started and become a Safar member?

First of all thank you for deciding to become a Safar member. We know that feeling unwell when you are away from home can cause great distress, but we are always there to help.

To get started, you should go to our secure website using your internet-enabled device, click on sign up and fill out your personal and payment details to become a member. You will be issued with your login details for your account, to access our website, app and self-book appointments facility.

For on the go access download our unique Safar app from the App Store or Google Play: there is an IOS version for Apple products (such as iPhones) and an Android version for other phones (including Microsoft, Samsung, Google handsets). You will receive a welcome and information email including a dedicated international telephone helpline.


How do I login to my Safar account?

If you are logging in via our Safar app, open the app on your device. You will see the login screen, all you need to do is enter the email address provided on sign up and your own confidential password. Once you have entered those details click on the ‘Login’ button and you will be taken to your own, secure area.

If you are logging in using the website, all the pages of the site feature the ‘member login’ option in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click on ‘member login’ and you will be taken to the dedicated login page. There, you will be asked to put in the email address you provided when you signed up and your confidential password. Once you have entered those details click on the ‘login’ button and you will be taken to your own, secure area.


How do I upload my medical history?

You should obtain a summary of your medical history over the last 6 months (at least) from your GP. This should include information on vaccinations, medication and allergies. These should then be uploaded to your confidential account and can be reviewed and edited at any point.

First, use your unique Safar membership details to log in to your account (as above). Once successfully logged in, you will see ‘medical records’ in the drop down menu next to your account name/picture. Click on this section and select ‘add record’. A pop up window will appear where you can type in relevant information and upload image files. You can keep adding to these records if needed by revisiting the ‘medical records’ section of your account.


How do I book an online consultation with a doctor?

If you are contacting Safar within usual office hours in the UK (09.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday, excluding UK Bank Holidays) you can book an appointment by calling our freephone number anytime or via the online booking system on the website or app. Outside office hours you can still book your appointment directly using the straightforward online appointment system.

If you require a consultation, select the ‘appointments’ tab in your members’ area drop down menu and click on ‘make a booking’. You will be taken to a choice of appointment times. On selecting your preferred slot, you will be asked to confirm your location and that you are happy for your clinician to access your medical history for that call.

At the correct time you must make sure you have access to internet connection, open the relevant appointment in your ‘appointments’ section and click ‘join consultation’. The Safar clinician will be on the other end of the line at the time you selected, the call will begin as audio-only but video can be switched on and off as required.      


What is credit?

Safar credit represents your personal entitlement to a pre-paid consultation with a qualified, UK-based GP. By signing up for your annual membership, you credit your account with £25 and this will cover your first consultation. If you purchase our single adult package, that means one telephone or video consultation with a UK-registered GP, via mobile telephone, PC or tablet (using our website or app).

Our appointments booking system automatically checks your credit before allowing a GP consultation to be booked – for your peace of mind, we maintain our commitment to prepayment of consultation fees. Therefore, you will automatically be prompted to make a payment if you are trying to book an appointment but have no credit remaining.


Are your doctors qualified? How do you choose them?

In order to be considered to work for Safar, GPs must be UK-trained, English speaking, qualified doctors who are registered with the UK General Medical Council. We selectively invite individuals and group practices to contribute to our provision of travel telehealth care. All GPs are part of a continuing professional development scheme and are regularly evaluated on the quality of care and support they offer to Safar members.


How do I know my data is protected? Is the Safar platform secure for payments and personal records?

As doctors, we understand the principles of patient confidentiality. We appreciate how critical it is for you to feel comfortable that your private medical information will not be accessed by anyone without your permission first. We understand that you need to be certain you can trust us with your personal and financial details. That is why our entirely bespoke platform is protected by the latest encryption technologies, and your own account is protected by a unique access password. Our staff are qualified and vetted, and access to any files is restricted to ‘need to know’: we will always double check with you before allowing a GP access to your medical history prior to each appointment. Our key technology suppliers and providers are also committed to security and secure practices. Our policies, procedures and protocols (including our handling of your data) have been modelled on best practice and approved by the CQC within their accreditation of Safar.