Why Safar?


Constant reassurance

We understand that when a health issue arises during a trip, whether pre-existing or new, it can make home seem even further away. At times like these you need quick and direct access to advice you can trust.


Instant Access

Our aim is to provide you with the best medical advice, so regardless of whether you’re at home, on a business trip or taking a holiday, you can relax and focus on your day. Medical issues can leave you feeling anxious and unsure of where to get professional and trusted advice. Safar’s service allows you to book a consultation as soon as the need arises.


Trusted professionals

At Safar all our GPs are vetted, professional, UK-based and understand your need for reassurance and guidance. Should you feel unwell, Safar’s top priority is to provide you with the best medical advice and put your mind at ease.


Supporting everyone

We recognise that people can be nervous if travelling with a pre-existing medical condition. Safar believes everyone should receive health benefits and will be on hand to offer reassurance, discuss symptoms and help with advising the best course of action based on your personal history.


Wherever needed

Safar also operates within the UK*, so if you are feeling unwell and require quick and simple access to health advice, simply book an appointment via the Safar website or app. Please note that Safar is not an emergency medical service, for urgent enquiries please dial the appropriate emergency number.  


How We Are Different

Safar exists solely to provide you with the reassurance of health guidance and support through consultation and information, whether you are home or away*


Service you can trust

The Safar service provides you with compassionate assistance for non-emergency medical situations. When making a call to Safar you can be confident that from the very first moment you will be greeted by one of our trained and trusted members of staff.


Quick and direct access

Safar offers direct access to a GP - there will be no need for lengthy negotiations between the person handling your call and an insurance company, we recognise this can often cause delays and frustration. Your Safar appointment can be paid for simply and directly via your account. If you need to speak to a GP Safar will provide you with a consultation, we do not refer you onto another healthcare provider.


Understands your needs

Safar enables you to travel with total access to your medical summary. You can be confident that the information provided is stored both safely and confidentially. The benefit of having medical documentation online is that our GPs, with your permission, can quickly review your medical records to provide a more prompt and accurate diagnosis.


With you, wherever

Safar health advice features can be accessed through your smartphone, tablet, or notebook/laptop – whichever is best for you.

Please be aware that Safar is not a travel insurance provider. To protect yourself against any consequences of ill health, injury or other difficulties or disruption whilst travelling, we advise you to purchase quality travel insurance, in addition to becoming a Safar member.


*Covers all European destinations, prescriptions can only be given within countries of the European Union.


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